Coral honeysuckle

This coral honeysuckle picture comes from a friend's garden. This particular honeysuckle is growing on an arbor entrance. Honeysuckle plants do a great job attracting hummingbirds. We tried the John Clayton honeysuckle which you can see a picture of on our blog and the hummingbirds loved that type, also. The only problem with honeysuckle is that in a lot of areas they do get attacked by aphids. We found that to be a real problem. There are ways to solve the problem but there is work involved in it since you don't want to use any chemicals on a plant that the hummingbirds are feeding on.

Plant Type - Vine Light - Partial to Full sun
Zones - 4 to 8 Size - Reaches 6' - 10' long
Bloom time - Spring through Summer Tips - Hummingbirds love it


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