Ruby-throated hummingbird (Archilochus colubris)

Female hummingbird at feeder picture

This is the type of hummingbird we have that visits our garden. Over the years we have evolved into not just gardeners but hummingbird gardeners. We grow plants that attract hummingbirds and the more plants and feeders we have, the more hummingbirds we have. Our hummingbirds arrive about the end of April or beginning of May and usually leave around the second week of September.

The female hummingbirds are a greenish and white color and the males are greenish in color with some white and a dark green head with a reddish, orange and even black throat depending on their mood. These are a couple of pictures we have taken in our garden, one male and one female. If any of you are interested in hummingbird gardening or would like to see more photos of hummingbirds and the flowers we grow for them you can check out our hummingbird blog and phtography site

Male hummingbird picture


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