Purple hyacinth bean - 'ruby moon' picture

Purple hyacinthbean picture

This purple hyacinth bean - ruby moon picture we took last year in our yard. We purchased a packet of seeds then planted some of them indoors early. We placed some of the seedlings in a hanging basket and some seeds in the ground next to our fence. We found you don't need to start your seeds indoors early because the plant grows very fast. It didn't work out very well in the hanging basket, but grew very fast on the fence. This plant would probably work great on a trellis or arbor as well as a fence. The flowers, purple seed pods and even the leaves this plant have make a very impressive showing in your garden in a short period of time. As an added bonus you will have plenty of seeds for the following season.

Plant Type - Annual - vine Light - Full sun
Zones - All zones Size - 6' to 20' high
Bloom time - Summer Tips - Contains toxins so do not eat


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