Purple Phalaenopsis orchid

Phalaenopsis orchid

Growing purple phalaenopsis orchids is fairly new to us. Someone had given us one about 5 or 6 years ago and we got it to bloom again. That's all it took, we've been hooked ever since. We usually have six or seven orchids and have gotten a few of them to bloom each year. By no means are we orchid experts but have learned a few things that seem to work well for our plants.

Pots - Our plants seem to do best in clay pots and our best growing orchids are in smaller non orchid clay pots.

Potting media - We have tried just bark and a mixture of bark with sphagnum moss. Seems to us that the bark itself may be a little better.

Watering - We water our orchids once a week and mist just the aerial roots twice a week. This can vary by the time of year, but do not overwater.

Fertilizing - We fertilize our orchids once a month but maybe it should be done a little more frequently.

Light - Our orchid plants are all in front of a bright window area, away from direct sunlight

The best part about growing orchids are their pretty blooms. Not only are they quite beautiful but they stay in bloom for a long time. You can even cut the stems back when the flowers have faded and the plant will bloom again. Definitely, a great plant but we are still learning to get it just right.

Purple and white orchids

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