Purple scabiosa - pincushion flower picture

Purple scabiosa -  pincushion flower picture

This purple Scabiosa pincushion flower picture came from our garden. We purchased four of these plants this past Spring, Three of them were the Scabiosa butterfly blue and one was Scabiosa pink mist. Believe it or not the one in the picture above is the pink mist. Next year we'll try to get a picture of the butterfly blue. These plants bloomed from the time we put them in the ground in the Spring until sometime in late November or early December. The best way we found to keep this plant blooming was to remove the spent blooms. Also, make sure they get watered weekly during the hot months.

Plant Type - Perennial Light - Full sun to part shade
Zones - 3 to 9 Size - 1.5' high - 1.5 wide
Bloom time - Late spring to late Fall Tips - Remove spent blooms

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