About Purplebear's Purple Flowers and Plants

Hi, this is the page you'll see on web sites where you can learn a little about the web site that you are visiting. I'll start with who I am. My name's Kathy although quite a few people online know me as Purplebear as well. I have a few web sites online about some of my favorite things. A common theme you'll see in them is the color purple and teddy bears. Both my husband and I share an interest in gardening and recently he's become very interested in photography so this site has been made by both of us.

The site is all about purple flowers, plants and other aspects of gardening. The idea for it came from a few things I 'm very passionate about. I love the color purple, flowers, gardening and web design. My husband does most of the work involved in our garden and he's the amateu photographer in the family. Making this site gives us an opportunity to share all of this with you.

Our garden is mostly purple flowers since purple's my favorite color but it has a bit of red, blue, pink, orange and other colors just for the hummingbirds, too. Yes, quite a few of our plants are grown just to attract the hummingbirds. We love watching them. Most of the flower pictures you see on the site are from our own garden and the rest are from gardens our friends have.

Our flower, plant and gardening information comes to this site from growing different flowers and plants in our own garden over the years. We try at least a couple new plants each year so we can learn about them and gain the knowledge to pass along to you on this site. Plants we haven't grown we research the best we can so we can pass on the most accurate information we can find.

We're trying to accumulate as many pictures of purple flowers and plants as possible to feature on this site. We'll be adding more photos as time goes on. I've been fortunate to have a few good friends contribute their photos, as well. We have some pages with garden terms, gardening tips and added a Zone map for those of you who might want to reference them.

I loved making this site and hope you enjoy it, too. Hope you find it informative and fun. We'd love to hear from any of you. Feel free to contact us from the "Contact Us" page.