Blushing knockout rose picture

Blushing knockout rose

The Blushing knockout rose picture above is of a knockout rose we purchased a few years ago. When we took it out of the package it hardly had any roots so we thought for sure it had no chance of growing. We couldn't have been more wrong. This rose bush grows 4' high and wide every year and blooms profusely all season. Early in the year bugs eat at the leaves so we spray it with an organic spray every once in a while that works pretty well. The paperwork that came with this shrub says that it doesn't need deadheading but we do it anyway because it seems to make new blooms grow quicker. It's a great addition for any garden or landscape. While growing up we had two rose bushes, which I loved. I'm really happy that we have one now, too.

Plant Type - Shrub rose Light - Full sun
Zones - 5 to 11 Size - 4' high -  4' wide
Bloom time - Spring through frost Tips - Cut back each year


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