Purple 'Dark Eyes' fuchsia picture

Purple fuchsia picture

This purple 'Dark Eyes' fuchsia picture was taken this past year, 2012 in our garden. It's another one of the plants we've grown to attract hummingbirds. We didn't see it get much activity from them but that's probably because they had so many other flowers they liked as well. This was the first time we've had a fuchsia plant and liked it so much we'll definitely have it again next year. We got it from a local garden center and put it in a hanging container. It bloomed all season long and as you can see from the picture the blooms really are spectacular

This plant looked the best in Spring and Fall. It didn't seem to like the real hot months. It was hanging in a spot that got maybe 2 to 3 hours of morning sun and probably would have done better without the July and August sun. Below is a new picture of the fuchsia 'Angel Earrings' that we had this year, 2014. Pretty much like the other fuchsias we have had except the hummingbirds seemed to like it a lot more.

Plant Type - Annual in most zones Light - Shade to part shade
Zones - Perennial 9 - 11 Size - 4" to 8" high
Bloom time - From time planted til frost Tips - No deadheading needed - container use

Lavender fuchsia picture


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