Purple verbena picture - 'Homestead Purple'

Purple verbena picture

This purple verbena - 'Homestead Purple' picture is from our garden. It's one of our favorite flowers we grow in a hanging basket. It can also be used as ground cover. It does best in full sun and spent blooms should be removed to keep the blooms coming all summer. This type of verbena is a perennial for most areas and there are many others that are annuals. Colors I've seen include blue, lavender, peach, pink, dark purple, red, rose and multi-colored. Lavender and dark purple are my favorites. Butterflies especially seem to love purple verbena.

Purple verrbena picture

Plant Type - Perennial Light - Full sun
Zones - 6 to 10 Size - 12" to 18" high - 24" wide
Bloom time - Late Spring to frost Tips - Use in hanging baskets or ground cover