Purple wedding flowers

Purple wedding flowers and information about them when planning your wedding are featured below. Very first thing I suppose you need to do is decide if you'd like to make the flower arrangements yourself or have a florist do it. Make sure to give at least a 6 week period of time for ordering flowers. Depending on the size of your wedding you'll need flower bouquets for the bride, maid or matron of honor, bridesmaids, flower girls and the toss bouquet. Corsages for the Moms, Grandmothers and Aunts may want to be included as well. Now to the guys, boutonnieres for the groom, bestman, groomsmen, Dads, Grandfathers, Uncles and ring bearer. You may also want to include flowers for a Stepmother or Stepfather and Godmother or Godfather as well.

Purple wedding flowers orchid picture Orchids - Cymbidium, dendrobium, mokaru and phalaenopsis orchids are often used in wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Availability and tolerance of warmer weather make orchids a good choice for Spring and Summer weddings.

Of all the wedding flower types orchids are in a class by themselves because of their exotic look and tropical origin.
Calla Lily - Has a very distinctive and recognizable bloom shape. There are large long stem and miniature short stem varieties.

Very popular for bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, centerpiece arrangements, boutonnieres and corsages.

The Calla Lily which signifies magnificent beauty comes in a variety of colors that match well with purple.
Purple wedding flowers calla lily picture
Purple wedding flowers hydrangea picture Hydrangea - A very popular flower for weddings, probably since they can be found year round as well as their beauty.

A few stems make a pretty bridal bouquet or centerpiece. Combine with roses, lilies or variety of other flowers as well.

Hydrangeas tied with tulle or ribbon are great for church pew and other floral decor for your wedding.
Roses - No flower symbolizes beauty, romance and love better than the rose. They are probably the most popular of all the wedding flowers.

Available most of the year roses come in a variety of colors and types. Hybrid tea roses make a good choice for bouquets because of there bloom shape and petal durability.

Somewhat fragrant but not all roses are and they can also be pricey. Still, we don't think there is a better choice for your wedding flowers.
Purple wedding flowers rose picture
Purple wedding flowers stock picture Stock - Probably one of the best filler flowers for your wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Multiple small fragrant blooms per stem, stock makes a great compliment to your other wedding flowers.

Comes in a variety of colors, available most of the year and inexpensive making stock a great addition to your wedding flowers plans.

Something to consider is not all flowers are available all year. You may be able to get the flower you had your heart set on but may cost a small fortune to do so. Another consideration is would you like just a few flowers accented with pretty ribbon or a larger floral bouquet.

Purple wedding flowers for centerpiece ideas:

Lavender, pink, purple and white alstroemeria
Pink, purple and white anemone
Purple and white asters
Cream/ivory, lavender, pink, purple, and white calla lilies
Cream/ivory, lavender, pink, purple and white carnations
Pink, purple, and white dahlias
Pink and white gerbera daisies
Purple and white freesia
Pink, purple, and white hydrangeas
White lilies
Pink, purple and white orchids
Pink, purple and white peonies
Lavender, pink, purple and white ranunculus
Lavender, pink and white roses
Purple statice
Purple stock
Cream, lavender tulips, pink tulips and white tulips