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Purple pansiesGarden plants, including flower bulbs for both Fall and Spring, ornamental grasses, ground cover, perennials, rose bushes, flower, herb and vegetable seeds, shrubs, trees, vines and other garden plants for every season of the year can be purchased below. If you're planning on having your first garden here are a few things to think about.

I suppose the first thing would be how much room you're going to have for it or how small or large you want it to be. If this is your first garden you may want to keep it small and fairly simple. Another thing to consider is the garden going to be in the shade or sun. Depending on which it will be, you'll want to do a little bit of research to find out which flowers grow best in sun or shade conditions and how many hours they'll need in it.

Determining your soil condition (clay, loamy or sandy) is always a good idea to find out what nutrients may be lacking and ph levels are in your soil. Your county extension office offers these tests and they're available at some garden or nursery centers as well. After finding the results you can add compost, fertilizer or other ingredients to enhance your soil. Other things to consider are don't plant anything too close to bushes or trees since they'll be using the nutrients in the soil and after planting consider mulching. It helps keep the soil cool, keeps out weeds and makes your garden look nice. Those are the basic things to know, so choose your color scheme or just flowers you like, sit back and enjoy your garden. Almost forgot to say that if you enjoy hummingbirds, other birds or butterflies there are quite a few flowers you can plant to attract them.

Botanical Interests has been supplying gardeners high quality annual, biennial and perennial flower seeds, herb seeds and vegetable seeds. They have a large variety for you to choose from. They are only able to ship seeds within the United States.

High Country Gardens - Pioneers In Sustainable Gardening They offer a variety of flower bulbs, ornamental grasses, perennial plants, pre-planned gardens and wildflower seeds. They also offer various garden goods. Shipping is available to Canada and the United States.

Nature Hills Nursery - flowers, roses, trees and other plants Nature Hills Nursery, Inc. started as a local tree nursery but sell their products nationwide now. Their successes are attributed to marketing healthy and competitively priced products as well as making sure each item shipped comes complete with planting, care and storage instructions. They even guarantee their products. You can find bushes, ferns, ornamental grasses, ground covers, hedges, perennials, roses, flower seeds, herb seeds, vegetable seeds, over 70 species of shrubs, over 150 species of trees, vines, gardening tools, pest control and gardening accessories. They ship within the United States.

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